The presented case elicits the successful management of external root resorption in an avulsed permanent central and lateral incisor due to failure to initiate root canal treatment (RCT) at the right time and prolonged splinting. A 13-year-old female child reported a complaint of pain in her upper anterior teeth region. The child gave a history of avulsed 21 and 22, which was replanted. External inflammatory root resorption in (21 and 22) and peri apical abscess (11) was noted in the radiograph. External inflammatory root resorption was treated endodontically with corticosteroid-antibiotic medicaments and obturated with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). Obturation was done only after restoring tooth stability and symptom resolution. Replacement resorption was noted radiographically during the follow-up visit. This case underscores the importance of meticulous endodontic care and adherence to treatment timelines, providing valuable insights for clinicians managing similar challenging cases.

Keywords: Tooth avulsion, incisor, root resorption, mineral trioxide aggregate, intracanal medicament

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Balakrishnan P, Srinivasan D, Eagappan S. Management of avulsion-induced external root resorption of permanent maxillary left central and lateral incisors - a one-year follow-up case report. Trends in Pediatrics. 2024;5(2):43-7. https://doi.org/10.59213/TP.2024.129


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