e-ISSN: 2792-0429
Volume: 3  Issue: 3 - 2022

Pages I - IV

2.Percutaneous Closure of a Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Infants
Özge Pamukçu, Nazmi Narin
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.35744  Pages 58 - 61

3.Assessment of Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D Levels at the First Manifestation of Multiple Sclerosis in Children and Adolescents
Müge Ayanoğlu, Ayşe Tosun
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.59144  Pages 62 - 66

4.Evaluation of Bedside Echocardiography in Children with Septic Shock in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Sevcan İpek, Ufuk Utku Güllü
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.00719  Pages 67 - 72

5.Investigation of Patients Refusing Treatment in the Pediatric Emergency Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Nihal Cankır, Feyza Hüsrevoğlu Esen, Yasemin Akın
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.58966  Pages 73 - 76

6.Evaluation of Thyroid Pathologies Detected During School Screening in Healthy School-Age Children
Mustafa Gök, Reyhan Deveci Sevim, Sercan Öztürk, Ahmet Anık
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.53825  Pages 77 - 85

7.Evaluation of the Knowledge and Awareness Level of the Pediatric Residents About the Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Urinary Tract Infection in Children
Fatma Devrim, Dorukhan Besin, Aslı Kantar Özşahin, Betül Pehlivan Zorlu, Özlem Dur, Ebru Yılmaz, Nida Dincel
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.44127  Pages 86 - 89

8.Case Reports of Patients Diagnosed with Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia, A Disorder That Should be Kept in Mind in Hypercalcemia Cases
Ayşe Derya Buluş, Yüksel Yaşartekin, Ahmet Cevdet Ceylan
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.83007  Pages 90 - 94

9.Are Genetics Involved in the Development of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndromes in Children?
Sevcan Ipek, Ufuk Utku Güllü
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.92486  Pages 95 - 98

10.Nephrotic Syndrome as An Unusual Presentation of Hodgkin Lymphoma in A 7-Year-Old Boy
Kenan Doğan, Fatih Kilci, Uğur Demirsoy
doi: 10.4274/TP.2022.83703  Pages 99 - 101